**Tender extension date for Tender No. ELCOT/IT-Infra/OT/33252/MPLS & ILL/2018-19 has been extended from 30.8.2019 to 01.10.2019** *** Tender due date for Tender No. ELCOT / IT-INFRA / TNSWAN/HC/ OT- 33245/Network Integrator/2018-19 has been extended from 29.8.2019 to 12.9.2019 **
Tamil in NET
From the Palm Leaf to the Computer -A Giant Leap Forward for Tamil !
  • Standardised ELCOT (TAM/TAB) bilingual Tamil fonts for free download!!
Tamil is perhaps the only Classical language, whose glorious literatures date back to the pre-christian era, has remained in continuous use for more than many millennia now. Due to the untiring efforts of scholars, researchers and enthusiasts, it has also evolved creatively over the years to the extent that it is also used today profusely in computers.

As Tamil is the official and spoken language in many countries, diverse creative efforts have taken place to use Tamil in computers. Therefore the need of the hour is to unify and lend coherence to the diversity of development efforts and to adopt universally acceptable standards for both coding of Tamil scripts and for the design of a Tamil keyboard. Such steps will surely pave the way for a quantum jump in the usage of Tamil in Information Technology.
  • Coding schemes for Tamil monolingual and bilingual scripts have been finalized and notified.
  • A certification mechanism, supported by the Tamil software industry has been put in place to certify compliance of hardware and software offerings with the standards referred to above.
  • So far 26 software and hardware offerings have been certified which conform to the standards and have been authorized for use in Tamil Nadu Government and its institutions
  • Government of Tamil Nadu is a member of the international "Unicode Consortium" to deal with issues regarding the coding of Tamil characters.
  • A "Tamil Software Development Fund" with a corpus of Rs.5 crores has been set up to encourage the development of innovative Tamil software - the fund is fully operational and has supported seven projects till date.
  • A "Center for Research and Applications of Tamil in Internet" has been set up and is supporting research projects in cutting edge areas of Tamil in IT.
  • The three reputed Universities, i.e. Anna University, Chennai, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirapalli, authorised to set up one endowment Chair each for Tamil in IT.
  • The "Tamil Virtual University" will promote the learning of Tamil by interested students anywhere in the world through the Internet. It will also function as a facility for creating multimedia teaching content in Tamil for both IT enabling of education and for training of teachers. A certificate programme and a degree programme has been launched. A digital library has been setup by Tamil Virtual University (TVU). The TVU is also responsible for dealing with all technical aspects of Tamil in IT including interaction with the Unicode Consortium.
  • The "Tamil Internet - 2003" Conference was held at Chennai during 22-24 August, 2003 participated by researchers and scholars from Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the United States, Canada, Australia and Switzerland with an aim to promote the use of Tamil in Internet for information exchange.