**Tender extension date for Tender No. ELCOT/IT-Infra/OT/33252/MPLS & ILL/2018-19 has been extended from 30.8.2019 to 01.10.2019** *** Tender due date for Tender No. ELCOT / IT-INFRA / TNSWAN/HC/ OT- 33245/Network Integrator/2018-19 has been extended from 29.8.2019 to 12.9.2019 **
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Government Policies
I.T Policy 1997
The main objectives of the policy are :
  • To enourage and accelerate the growth of hardware and software industries and associate services in the State ad to remove the bottlenecks for starting and running of such Units in Tamil Nadu.
  • To increase both domestic and export earning of software and hardware sectors in the State
  • To upgrade and develop manpower skills required for the I.T. industry for facilitating training, to accelerate the use of I.T. in schools, colleges and educational institutions with a view of providing skills and knowledge to the youth to make them fit for employment in this sector
  • To upgrade the quality of life the citizens of the State by facilitating access to consumer application of Information Technology

I.T policy 2002
The main objectives of the policy are :
  • To establish Tamil Nadu as the Destination of Choice for IT investments
  • To upgrade the quality of life for the citizens through e-Governance and IT applications in Government
  • To empower people in the rural areas so as to bridge the Digital Divide
  • To encourage Research and Development initiatives
  • To promote use of Tamil in Information Technology

ITES Policy 2005
The main objectives of the policy are :
  • To get the maximum global ITES investments to Tamil Nadu
  • To develop Human Resources specific to ITES sector
  • To create world class infrastructure for IT and ITES and an enabling frame work for protection of intellectual property and data
  • To generate employment and other ITES opportunities in major cities in Tamil Nadu
  • To provide a conducive environment for the sector by reducing the regulations and increasing opportunities