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Project Name IT Hardware Procurement
Short Description The Government have approved ELCOT
Detail Description

The Government have approved ELCOT as the Optional Procurement Agency for the procurement of IT products and related services. ELCOT has adopted an innovative procurement Policy by encouraging competition among the vendors coupled with an open and transparent procurement process. This has resulted in price reduction to a tune of 20 - 30% of the market value of the products, thus contributing to substantial savings for Government Departments. ELCOT also launched special offer schemes like Students Laptop Scheme to supply high-end Laptops on a very competitive price to benefit the student community. During 2008-09, ELCOT procured IT products for a value of Rs.308.65 Crores.

To cope with the Government requirements, ELCOT worked out an aggressive pricing for Novell Suse Operating System and as per the rate contract. ELCOT has been offering Novell's Suse Linux Operating System with built-in office software, CD-DVD writing software, audio/video software, ipod interface software, application software development tools and a host of other software packages at a cost of Rs.300/-. The advantages of linux operating system are that this is immune from hacking and virus problems. It is does not require any anti-virus software saving the cost on anti-virus software. Linux offers rich experience while working on the Internet. The download speed and the normal browsing speed of Internet is excellent.

In the last three years, ELCOT has successfully migrated all the new procurements from CRT Monitor Computer Systems to TFT Monitor Computer Systems. This has already saved sufficient work space and electricity. While migrating from CRT Monitor Computer Systems to TFT Monitor Computer Systems, a saving of 80-90 Watts per system has been effected. Currently, the Desktop Systems with TFT consume anywhere between 120 and 140 Watts.
Project Started Date 29-03-2010
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